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wilted by burningbiscuits wilted :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 1 0 //screaming  by burningbiscuits //screaming :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 3 7 me and you~ by burningbiscuits me and you~ :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 6 5 stressed out (vent) by burningbiscuits stressed out (vent) :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 3 10 i love you by burningbiscuits i love you :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 4 4 mary did you know? by burningbiscuits mary did you know? :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 9 1 hhh by burningbiscuits hhh :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 7 3 ask me anything by burningbiscuits ask me anything :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 2 14 sweethearts by burningbiscuits sweethearts :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 4 7 i wanna knowww (read disc) by burningbiscuits i wanna knowww (read disc) :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 2 16 I'M NOT AFRAID, I'M NOT A PUSSY- XD by burningbiscuits I'M NOT AFRAID, I'M NOT A PUSSY- XD :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 2 10 why the fuck am i still doing these by burningbiscuits why the fuck am i still doing these :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 2 4 here we go by burningbiscuits here we go :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 2 7 mick and remy!! by burningbiscuits mick and remy!! :iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 4 8
Mazeophobia Part 2
I realized I wasn't in the same place I passed out in. Someone must've found me and dragged me somewhere possibly farther away from where I wanted to be. I started to sweat as my palms started to shake like I was doing jazz hands. I felt myself breaking down internally, I was lost, and I couldn't get back home. This was my worst fear, everytime I thought about it sent crazy chills down my spine. Now to know this was actually happening? It made me go completely cold with pure terror. I tried to settle myself down, but the fear just took over my mind completely. I decided to sit down and try to breathe. After a while, I came up with a couple of plans to get me out of this situation. The first plan was to try to find a path out of the woods. If I couldn't do that, the backup plan was to try to make something that could get the attention of helicopters above. I had heard a helicopter in my sleep, so I knew that there were somewhere nearby. I started walking around to find a possible way to
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Mazeophobia Part 1
It was early in the morning, before dawn on a cold morning. I was restless, thoughts awakening me over and over again, irritating me until I awoke. I thought a walk in the woods would let my mind settle down so I could fall asleep. I got up, put a sweatshirt on, and walked out the door, the clock read 5:48AM. It was foggy, and as I proceeded forward, it only got worse as it the fog thickened. It was silent outside, the only noise I could hear was my own footsteps walking through the mud from the last but recent rainfall. As my mind settled down and I calmed, I decided to stop and take a deep breath. But the last thing I remembered before I woke up was me slamming my body after falling down a huge hole. I heard a loud noise that awoken me up, I looked at my watch, it read 2:29AM. I had been down there for almost a whole day, I wondered how nobody heard me, usually my neighbors went to work around the time I went for that walk. I decided to climb up the hole, but it was too damp for me t
:iconburningbiscuits:burningbiscuits 1 14

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This is Caferineros speaking. Matt, I love you so much, please remember to take care of yourself and that I'll always be here for you. ILYSM and thank you for everything you've ever done for me. :heart:

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i'll put your name up here and tell you something i like about ya!

yourlocalstarboy - i don't think we've talked before, but you seem really cool! feel free to hit me up or something : ' 0

Who-Dat-Fandom-Trash - you're really nice and i really want to talk to you more!!

finchcat200 - you're the best girlfriend ever, i love you <3
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i wanna practice drawing object oc's again

drop your object oc in the comments and the first five get drawn
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comment and i will tell you...

If we were drunk I would...
[ ] Try to fight you
[ ] Hug you uncontrollably cry and continuously say "I love you, man"
[ ] Vomit on you and pass out
[ ] We don't drink
[ ] Tell you my complex backstory
[ ] Awkwardly flirt with you
[ ] Leave to try to get laid
[ ] Walk up to you and burp

To me you are...
[ ] Meh...
[ ] Sexy as hell
[ ] Pretty cool
[ ] Really cool
[ ] My dearest
[ ] Creepy
[ ] Amazing
[ ] Interesting
[ ] That guy

If we went on a date...
[ ] Hell no
[ ] Treat you with class
[ ] Take you to a disco
[ ] Get all "touchy feely"
[ ] Spend the entire date using shitty pick up lines
[ ] Attempt to cup a feeling
[ ] Try to impress you and inevitably fail
[ ] Look at you saying "I can't believe I got this far..."

I would...
[ ] Date you
[ ] Hang out with you
[ ] Beat the crap out of you
[ ] Show you my Nintendo 64
[ ] Sell drugs to bail out of jail
[ ] Take a bullet for you
[ ] Force you to play Little Big Planet
[ ] Kill you
[ ] Grab you by the shoulders look you deep you in the eyes and wispier, "What the actual hell"

If you looked out the window at midnight I would...
[ ] Set down a boom box playing a romantic song and then dance like a drunk
[ ] Be hiding in the bushes
[ ] Pass out in the grass
[ ] Be singing ,, "Hungry like a wolf"
[ ] Try to explain to you why I have basket full of cats singing a song that I just make up out of nowhere
[ ] Throw random items at your window
[ ] Stay for a while in your yard and stare at you

If we lived together...
[ ] Argue all the time
[ ] We'd have 'fun' some nights 
[ ] Watch movies 
[ ] Prank call you X3
[ ] Chat 
[ ] Play fight
[ ] Cuddle 
[ ] Snuggle 
[ ] Kiss 
[ ] Watch YTP 
[ ] Throw an epic party
[ ] Make out 
[ ] Whatever you want
[ ] I wouldn't want to live with you

If we kissed by accident, I would...
[ ] Bite your lip softly
[ ] Kiss you back
[ ] Slap you
[ ] Laugh about it
[ ] Stand there wondering if I should kiss you again
[ ] Think "what just happened?"
[ ] It wouldn't happen 

If you held my hand, I would...
[ ] Lock my fingers in between your's
[ ] Stand there like what the fuck are you doing
[ ] Let you keep it
[ ] Pull away
[ ] I don't know
[ ] Blush like crazy

If you hugged me...
[ ] Hug you back
[ ] Push you back
[ ] Be shocked
[ ] I wouldn't hug you
[ ] Stand there awkwardly

Would I date you... ( *Is Scared Of This Question* ;-; )
[ ] Yeah
[ ] Maybe
[ ] Nahhhhhh 
[ ] I don't know
[ ] I would rather date the Jersey Devil than you 

If we walked home together, I'd we'd 
[ ] Hold your hand 
[ ] Push you in a bush
[ ] Trip you and run
[ ] Give you a biiiiiiiiig hug
[ ] Have a heart to heart conversation
[ ] Act like idiots 

In 10 years, I see you...
[ ] Pregnant 
[ ] A famous person
[ ] Model
[ ] Crackhead
[ ] Same as now
[ ] Athlete
[ ] Partying all the time
[ ] Travelling sometimes

I can see us...
[ ] Living together 
[ ] Being close
[ ] Not talking
[ ] Becoming savage monsters
[ ] Chilling
[ ] Partying together
[ ] At a club 

You should...
[ ] Talk to me more
[ ] Chill with me
[ ] Rub my belly 
[ ] Stop being a stranger
[ ] Gmail me
[ ] Follow me on google plus
[ ] Put this as a journal so I can comment on it 
  • Listening to: we got the power - gorillaz
  • Reading: journals
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imma start in about 2010 

2010 - "oh mai gosh i'm popular at skool, every1 luvs me!!!11 ;) ;) :) :) i liek going on chatrewms with teenagers because i'm kewl!!!1"

2012 - "i liek minecraft and luv songs, every1 hates me except 4 mai best frend.. lief sux. :( :( :/ :/ "

2014 - "fnaf iz mai lief, i maek b00ks about it and every1 in my class read them, i rly liek bois and i liek s0me gurls, wut am eye?"

2016 - "death death death death death"

2017 - "y does lief hate me"

2018 - "suck my fuck nut"
  • Listening to: we got the power - gorillaz
  • Reading: journals
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: spotify
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing


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