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when you're reading a post on a blog and a net neutrality thing from 2017 pops up and you still feel bad for clicking off of it : ' )
- primary name: matt/ashton
- alternate names: alyssa (my real name), tomee, richie, ichi, really whatever tbh
- gender: questioning
- pronouns: any
- birthday: july 4th
- zodiac sign: cancer

- height: 5’8'' - 5'9''
- eye colour: dark brown
- hair colour: dark brown
- tattoos?: can't get tattoos, i like drawing "tattoos" though lmao
- piercings?: nope
- favourite outfit: short sleeve shirts and shorts are the bomb
- have you dyed your hair?: yea, blonde streaks m'dude
- long or short hair?: short for sure

- sexual orientation: pansexual
- romantic orientation: panromantic
- relationship status: taken
- romantic partner(s) (if applicable): Caferineros ! <3
- platonic partner(s) (if applicable): friends?
- best friends: to name off a few.. jams, nic, kris, topaz, prince, emily, jaxon, alia, sidra, yarn.. and a lot more lmao

personality/are you...
- nice or mean?: nice most of the time
- honest or deceptive?: honest
- excitable or calm?: both tbh
- happy or discontent?: happy hopefully
- violent or relaxed?: relaxed
- good or evil?: good
- shy or outgoing?: shy around new people, outgoing if i know them well
- friendly or disagreeable?: friendly, i hope!

- tv show: south park
- anime/cartoons: bfb, osomatsu-san, aggretsuko, ouran highschool host club, stuff like that
- musician(s): bts, ajr, and gorillaz
- music genre: alternative or k-pop
-song: gogo - bts
- book/series: don't have one atm
- comic: do webtoons count lmao
- youtubers: shane dawson
- colour: blue and purple
- weather: n i c e w e a t h e r
- scent: do cookies count
- store: hot topic
- season: summer
- holiday: my birthday and thanksgiving
- time of day: afternoon
- characters: i have a lot of favorites lmao
-food: steak

- religion: christian
- believe in magic?: sorta
- believe in an afterlife?: yep!
- believe in reincarnation?: kinda?
- ghosts?: mostly
- angels and demons?: yep
- karma?: karma being a bitch, yea
- aliens?: kinda
- cryptids/urban legends?: some
- biggest fear: losing loved ones

- physical health: pretty good
- mental health: bleh
- have you ever been hospitalised?: well, i went to the er for my ear a month ago (nothing serious)
- broken a bone?: nope

It doesn't change my opinion on her, I still love her nonetheless!
I found out my best friend was Jewish, and I sang "I could be Jewish for Yoy" to her and now she's playing "Fuck You" 😂
I found out my best friend was Jewish, and I sang "I could be Jewish for Yoy" to her and now she's playing "Fuck You" 😂


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NummiKitti Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
hi sweaty :))))))))
burningbiscuits Featured By Owner May 8, 2018
hi !
NummiKitti Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
how ye been
burningbiscuits Featured By Owner May 10, 2018
i've been pretty bad, mental health is really suffering

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